How are you feeling?


After the first month of quarentine due to COVID-19, I was feeling a bit uninspired but yet so desperate to create something. I knew I wanted to practice some lettering, but had zero idea what words to even use! After some reflecting, I asked my Instagram followers on my personal account: "How are you feeling?" I gathered some of my favorite answers and lettered them.

I had just created my design Instagram account, and I knew I had to start posting soon so I can start to gain a following. The advertising-major in me knew it was a great way to engage with my followers and start promoting my page. I would tag the person whose answer I lettered, which ultimately led to them posting it on their story, and my account getting higher exposure. This project was a great way to build a following and get my creative juices flowing!

Inadequate as Fuck Lettering Like a Bad Bitch Lettering Like an Enigma Lettering De La Chingada Lettering Motivated Lettering Gloomy Lettering Hungry, Bored and Hot Lettering